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Are you. . .

tackling big problems? pushing boundaries? improving communities? playing in light prisms? creating change? doing something different?

we know how to make you stand out online

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Innovators. . . Inspirers. . . Visionaries. . .

We see your genius. We see your heart. We’re here to create your leverage, with IMPACT, so you get to focus on your strengths – being a spectacular disrupter, misfit, change-maker.

We partner with you to build a brand that starts conversations and a digital footprint to showcase your great ideas. Authentic, business-building actions to create a culture of IMPACT.

Whether you are building better AI or better paper clips, we’ll raise you and your platform.

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We're here for you

We Listen. We Advise. We Create. We Deliver.

We expand your digital IMPACT, which expands your influence.

We get to know you. We take the time to understand your industry and
develop your unique market, always keeping you and your vision at the core.

Our aim is to captivate and inspire action for your brand
– creating the image that draws your market to you.

Captain Sales

Celina Löwen

I thrive around people

Thriving around people, I discovered long ago the spark of introducing individuals to the services or products they need…and how much I love doing it! Tell me your passions, goals, dreams and I’ll link you with your next step. Life is an adventure and we get many chances, but only one life.

I’ve been a boot maker for RM Williams, worked for a finance agency, Aftermarket for a car dealership, House Designer, Customer Experience Manager for a builder and worked in Real Estate. During all of that, I’ve also been that creative person who is nearly always working on something else in the background.

Holding my first solo exhibition back in 2011, I can say there’s nothing quite like the scent of fresh paint on a canvas and the weight of a brush in my hand. Over the past 10 years, I’ve created work that’s found it’s home around the country of Australia and overseas including New Zealand and Japan. I’ve exhibited both solo and in group shows many times and created government funded projects.

Then Mum’s life hit! I turned to digital illustration and became immersed in a new world of discovery (I still can’t believe how easy it is to close an iPad instead of packing up paints when your child needs you haha). The possibilities seemed limitless and I found some of my prints regularly selling to interstate tourists.

Occasionally you can see where you’ve come full circle, and each experience has paved the way for where you are now: Cue the IMPACT Crew. I now get to combine everything I love: working with amazing, creative and innovative people like yourself, connecting you to the next step in your story, and using my creative knowledge and skills I’ve built along the way. And yes, I still create on the side too!

The things I love

Asking Delyse about sport, envying Jan being in the Philippines, drinking Brenda’s wine, painting on whatever I feel like, being outdoors, exploring the world with my daughter, doing things that terrify me (eg. I can’t swim, so I got my open divers licence 😀 )

Business Incubator

Brenda Foley

A person who doesn't play small

I’m that person who doesn’t play small – constantly looking for growth opportunities and meeting the challenges in my own businesses so I can help you in yours. While working out my passions, I have had a varied career – everything from restaurant management, dive instructor, Fisheries Biologist to CEO of an amazing citizen science start up gamifying biodiversity data.

Currently I’m a working director of a company innovating the above ground pool industry and a working director of the IMPACT Crew so I can share what I know with you. Full of ideas and enthusiasm, for me nothing is impossible. I’ll tell you how it is 🙂 I love all things business – creating them, running them, scaling them. That’s what lights me up, working with you and seeing growth and getting you to where you want to go for success.

Despite my gusto, quick wit and passion, I am warm and patient (I have references lol) and will work with you to expand your possibilities so you get the most value for your dreams.

The things I love

My little girl, dogs, horses, camping, fishing, diving, wine and being around life filled people.

Serial Innovator


A serial innovator who is highly conceptual

A serial innovator, I got a taste for highly conceptual work at The London College of Printing, like envisaging the USB stick as a music storage device (should have pursued that one!) and defacing traffic lights in central London as part of an art project. I left to help the Red Cross Youth organisation grow their digital presence.

Wanting to create a website for club listings in London, I taught myself web development and design in 2000. Then I interviewed loads of DJs and artists including Keith Flint (The Prodigy), Ed Bryne (the comedian) and DJ Matt Darey. I became known for promoting my club nights, selling out exclusive venues, and for creating a spectacular event where DJ Tall Paul headlined to over 3000 people on a Black Sea beach in Bulgaria. Before moving on, I pressed 500 copies of my DJ’s tracks and received support from top record shops in London.

Throwing caution to the wind, in 2004 I landed in the Philippines, and opened an internet cafe on a beach, with no ATM or landlines, and electricity only available 12 hours a day; it rated as one of Yahoo!’s 100 remotest internet cafes in the world.

On then, to one of London’s biggest independent film companies where I made websites for films – one of which cracked the £10m barrier at the box office, the first independent UK film company to do so. Here I pioneered “seeding” long before other companies woke up to the strategy, and helped create an HTML5 web app – long before they were mainstream – to scan users’ faces across all devices. Many in the industry thought it impossible.

Currently, I’m part of a team pioneering new streaming models for the future of DJ mixes and clubbing in the metaverse. You can see that I like pushing boundaries and creating new trends and I’m doing this now with the IMPACT Crew in website development and online security.

The things I love

My vast and varied music collection, film & TV, cooking, G&Ts, sunbathing, beaches, reading novels, promoting music and food events, and Arsenal FC.

Design Pioneer

Delyse Baldwin

A maximalist with a dark academic aesthetic

My passion is designing holistic brand identities with purpose, strategy and intention. I am a multidisciplinary artist, specialising in brand design, illustration, surface pattern design, photography and videography. I take a hands-on approach, with inspiration drawn from real and digital worlds. Some of my favourite inspirations are the punk design movement and forgotten and interesting objects found in op-shops. I am a maximalist with a dark academic aesthetic and I’ll often move furniture when I need to think.

My career has been travel-filled and varied.. In the 2010’s I was capturing weddings on film in an innovative format., considered cutting edge for the time 😉 I’ve travelled to America and Asia for destination weddings and to create films for NGOs and I have traversed Australia, photographing National Dance competitions.

To better utilise my creative gift, I taught myself design. I did my apprenticeship helping out various entities and grew an extensive design repertoire in the process. In 2020, I decided to validate my place amongst designers by gaining an official qualification 🙂

My eclectic career has equipped me to understand overarching structures, so I consider all the necessary moving parts to a business and brand identity. Having been a business owner, I have a certain degree of empathy for the needs of businesses.

I live and breathe creativity. I have hobbies but most revolve around what I can make with my own two hands.

The things I love

Female Led doom metal; forests and cute mushrooms; my plants; collecting found objects like bones, shells, feathers for reference material; op-shopping and antiquing; drawing , linocut printing, painting; slow-motion video; naps. Don’t ever ask me about sport.

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

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