The natural beauty of Australian wildlife, the Kingfisher bird, is the foundation of this brand ethos and visual identity.

Kingfisher Jewellery is a start-up brand in Australia. Their current branding consisted of a DIY stop-gap whilst they were getting started with their selling.


They soon realised that they were a viable business and they needed a brand and website. Our job was to provide a brand identity that would stand the test of time and give them a strong foundation to launch from.

Their number one requirement was to reflect the colours of the Australian Kingfisher bird and to incorporate the namesake somehow. They wanted to bring to light the nature and beauty of the gems that they sell.


  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationary Design
  • Website





The Journey

We worked closely with Lachy and Anna to develop a highly sophisticated and standout brand for their jewellery business. We then built them a website on Shopify where it’s been so easy for them to manage their products and sell to their customers.

The Brand

The inspiration for the logo comes from the beautiful forest Kingfisher bird. The name of the bird and the natural lines of the feather play a large part in the underpinnings of the business and the priorities of the business owners. This inspired an idea that came about during brainstorming. How the ‘K’ typography could be uniquely modified to represent wings. Adding in the unique tones of the feathers to the logo further cements the iconography whilst creating a brand that has strong recognition and an elevated feel.