Little Peanuts Early Learning Centre is a rainbow of joy and sensory learning for little learners.

The business came to us with a couple of needs for new branding. The need for simplification for use across all purposes, especially uniform embroidery. They needed to remain recognisable to current users of the centre and locals.


The business did not want it to seem like new owners had taken over, just a needed refresh to align the branding with the ideals of the centre. Fresh, happy, joyful learning ideals with sensory, colourful, considered practices for the betterment of the little learner’s young lives.

We considered the need to maintain the happy colour while modernising and simplifying the logo. Currently the logo has a lot of little details which make it difficult to replicate and maintain consistency.


  • Industry Research
  • Business Name Change
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print collateral
  • Website





Brighter Futures

Expressing the sense that the future is bright for children that attend the centre. With a happy vibe but professional outlook.


Everything about the centre revolves around colour. From the facade to the names of the rooms.

The Brand

The Little Peanuts icon has been custom illustrated. The use of the peanut symbolises the brand name, whilst embodying the happiness of little learners. The colours have been specifically chosen as symbolic of the brand’s purpose. Keeping in mind the bright, colourful, trustworthy vibe of the Early Learning centre.