Total Image IMPACT


The total package includes an ecommerce and styled photography and video session in our studio:

E-commerce Product Photography:

  • Up to 15 high-resolution ecommerce ‘finish’ edited images for all 4 products, kit, and packaging, enhancing colours, textures, and visual appeal.
  • Product photography on a white background, also provided with transparency for social media use.
  • No styling, featuring separate products, kit, and packaging.

Styled Product Photography:

  • Choose up to 10 high-resolution ‘finish’ edited images from a shoot of 25 images, featuring all 4 products as a kit, staged on 1 set with props.
  • 3 Styled edited Product Videos (short 10-30 sec)
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Showcasing your products for ecommerce with a professional IMPACT with a  professional product photography and video studio session.

  • We offer various file formats suitable for different platforms, including white and transparent backgrounds. Retouched images are ready for immediate use in marketing materials, websites, and social media.
  • Finalized images will be delivered within 1 week in web and print-ready formats once the products arrive on-site.
  • Note: For styling, props such as water, leaves, flowers, etc., will be used unless you have specific items in mind. If so, please include the prop items in the package with the products and provide instructions for styling. We are open to your ideas, so please send us a moodboard with your vision.
  • Extra note: If you would like us to return your products, we will gladly do so. However, we are also open to retaining them and providing you with a testimonial on our use.

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